Month: June 2024

Night of the Eagle

Confident and charismatic, despite his relative youth and inexperience Norman Taylor is a rising star at Hempnell Medical College, comfortable with the students and at lecturing in his
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The age of reason pushes only so far as the borders of the forest; beyond those branches, veiled in mist, and within the hamlets that exist in the
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The Exorcism

It is a tragic circumstance which offers a slim chance of redemption for has-been actor Anthony Miller, out of favour with audiences and producers after a four year
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It’s been a bad day in a difficult job for US Border Patrol officer Angel Waters, unheeded as he tried to warn off an immigrant crossing at a
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The Bells Go Down

The East End of London, Ma Turk feeding the neighbourhood from her fish and chip shop, Ma and Pa Robbins running the local pub, it’s a close community
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It’s the end of the season at the North Sea Cottages, a summer camp retreat for gifted children, the counsellors and their charges sat around the fire as
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A Bit of Fun

It’s just a bit of fun for Saff, something to kill time, an activity in which she gets to play the boss, her request that housemate June fetch
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