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History of Evil

Can a place be tainted by the actions of those who inhabited it before, a sickness seeping into the foundations and the walls, like damp turning to mould,
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A ruined world of derelict high-rises, the stains of the rising smoke blackening the holes where the windows once were, dust clogs the air as a rusted van
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Burst City

A film of more adjectives than sense, Burst City (爆裂都市, Bakuretsu Toshi) is a Japanese dystopian punk rock musical of disenfranchised youth displaced by the machinations of the
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The Comic

The eighties are remembered as an era of excess and success, but like the crumbling pyramids of Egypt or statues of slave traders waiting to be toppled it
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Level 16

In matching uniforms of modest decorum the girls walk down the sterile corridors to their dormitory in Lily Hall, playing cat’s cradle, taking their vitamins, scrubbing and anointing
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Hotel Artemis

In the avenues and alleyways of Los Angeles, trouble is brewing; it is June 2028 and the water supply has been cut off by Clearwater, and predictably and
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Forty years after original release, it is the violence for which Rollerball is remembered; ironic then, that in the promotional materials at the time of release director Norman
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The Maze Runner

Riding on the crest of a wave of box-office success in the USA, The Maze Runner now hurtles into multiplexes nationwide, the latest in an increasingly desperate succession
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