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Where once open countryside was farmed by the locals, so the industrial revolution swept aside that humble living, but now that too is gone as manufacturing has been
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A year past the release of his debut feature, his challenging and disturbing look at the world of an isolated orphan through The Eyes of My Mother, director
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Carl has had bad nights and bad mornings before. It’s a year since he was released from prison and he no longer drinks. “It sends me off,” he
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To see further and deeper than others, it is necessary to demonstrate a focus which is unwavering, the consequence of which is that peripheries are omitted and disregarded.
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The Messenger

To be different is to be unpopular. This is a lesson Jack has learned, as he sits alone in his tiny flat surrounded by abandoned pizza boxes and
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He makes a compelling witness to the reasons for the legalisation of drugs, does Todd Ambro, founder of the Ambro Corporation, a quite literally self-made man who twenty
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It was supposed to be a simple dinner party, four couples, a few bottles of wine, catching up with old friends, but the awkward conversation of bad career
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It began on July 4th 2014, a date which probably seemed more distant when Bong Joon-Ho’s film was released in his native South Korea last August. Based on
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