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A project which has grown so large it has taken a life of its own, unable to be comprehended by a single mind, investigative panel or corporate board,
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With growing impatience two people wait for a future which has yet to arrive, one which is promised to be better than the past but which will likely
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Silent Running

In the early years of the 21st century Earth has arrived at an equilibrium point, with full employment and a stable environment, but there has been a cost,
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Space Hippo

Wooden boxes filled with transparencies, a projector and a tablet standing by as David Bowie sings of a weeping sky and warns us that the Earth is really
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It’s only a chartered flight away from Washington D. C. but the banks of the Androscoggin River in Maine are a world away, the site of a growing
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Proud of their status as the Fringe’s first “no-waste venue,” BoxedIn Theatre have created their Greenhouse project to host a series of shows of environmental awareness, challenging ideas
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