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You can’t teach an old dogs new tricks, it would seem, just better ways of doing them; a jewel thief just out of prison after serving five years,
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Circle of Danger

Six years after the war the dust has settled but questions remain unanswered for Clay Douglas, his younger brother having relocated to Britain to sign up to fight
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I, the Jury

Christmas, the season of joy, goodwill and forgiveness, but not for New York private detective Mike Hammer; his friend Jack Williams whom he served alongside in the war
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House of Bamboo

A military supply train en route from Kyoto to Tokyo, jointly guarded by American military personnel and Japanese security forces, they prove ineffective when it is intercepted and
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Criss Cross

Sometimes it’s not enough that a relationship be doomed from the start; sometimes it falls in such a way that it is doomed twice over and will drag
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As the sun sets on Los Angeles the streetlights and neon signs flicker on, but at nightfall Jim Vanning sticks to the shadows, a man who doesn’t want
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