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Breakups are hard, sometimes the only consolation the closeness of friends who know the situation, who understand the background and the reasons, who can offer a shoulder to
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Slender Man

Out of tiny acorns do mighty oaks grow, but not every acorn is destined to flourish so, even in the deep and sinister forests of Massachusetts where the
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A year past the release of his debut feature, his challenging and disturbing look at the world of an isolated orphan through The Eyes of My Mother, director
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Accident Man

“We’re in the business of taking lives, and business is booming.” Out of a secret London club operates a group of assassins for hire, each with their own
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A Wrinkle in Time

Despite being way off the target demographic for Disney’s latest “How-the-Hell-do-we-promote-this-visual-effects-extravaganza,” the promise of 109 minutes of whimsical escapism on a March night proved an irresistible draw. A
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The Dark Tower

Young Jake Chambers (Legends‘ Tom Taylor) suffers from nightmares of a strange world where a wrongness permeates the atmosphere, where sirens sound across the land and a man
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Tom of Finland

Screening at the Edinburgh International Film Festival and introduced to the capacity crowd by director Dome Karukoski, the story of Touko Laaksonen is one of contradictions, an artist
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Wonder Woman

War. War never changes. Ever since Neanderthal man learned to make tools to hunt, our species has spent thousands of years refining the ways in which to kill
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