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Lost Highway

Was it by coincidence or design that David Lynch’s Lost Highway was distributed by Janus Films, their logo which opens the credits the two-faced Roman god “of transitions,
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A disembodied head floats across a field of stars in which is suspended a planet, shadowed, lonely and barren; a lucid dreamer, open-eyed, his name is Henry Spencer,
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The Endless

Sometimes you can leave the past behind, but sometimes it catches up with you, dragging you back despite best efforts and intentions. It’s been ten years since Justin
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Dave Made a Maze

“I wanted to make something,” the disembodied voice of Dave explains to Annie upon her return to their apartment. Thirty years old and dependent upon his parents, she
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“I’m not going to be able to finish this puzzle. There’s too many pieces missing.” The puzzle that Susannah refers to is a jigsaw with no picture to
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Alongside David Lynch, Darren Aronofsky is one of the few modern filmmakers whose work penetrates the mainstream of cineplexes yet often remains profoundly opaque, an experience rather than
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A Ghost Story

Against the eternity of time, we are ephemeral, as transient as the shifting clouds which obscure the heavens, the stars above remaining apparently unchanged. Almost every story ever
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