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There are a thousand ways to die in space, some of them instantaneous, the result of a catastrophic failure in a propulsion system causing fuel to explode or
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The Wandering Earth

“Hope is a diamond, the only direction that will lead us home.” Home is a relative concept in these words drilled into the schoolchildren in the underground shelter
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There are some moments which are easily seen and understood long before they arrive: school, graduation, friendships, engagements, children, but it is the moments which nobody could predict
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The Titan

It is not just organisms which evolve, it is technology, it is media, it is the way films are created, marketed and distributed, a dissolution of traditional channels
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Infinity Chamber

From the opening shot, it’s all falling apart, a fragment of memory creeping up behind Frank Lerner triggered by a photograph of a place he has never been
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Founded twenty years ago as a physical media mail order rental company, Netflix moved into online distribution and content production in 2013, first with high-end dramatic serials and
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