Month: April 2014


History is a strange mistress. With the perspective of four decades, there can be few films in even the eclectic oeuvre of Brian De Palma which sum him
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The Borderlands

With horror so often being a meditation on the inevitability of death, the spectre of religion casts a long shadow over the genre, from The Exorcist to The
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“Maybe it was inevitable, an unavoidable collision between mankind and technology,” warns the voiceover of Max Waters (Paul Bettany), setting the scene as he visits the near derelict
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The Quiet Ones

“Inspired by actual events,” claims the latest release from the revived British studio Hammer without offering any indication of the source or veracity of the groundless statement, the
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The Double

The train carriage is bleak, functional, barren of ornamentation and other life, yet still Simon James gives up his seat when asked by the stranger who appears out
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