Month: October 2014


Some call it Bigfoot, some call it the Sasquatch, and in other parts of the world similar legends persist, the Yowie of Australia, the Yeren of Mongolia, the
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The Babadook

Is this real life or is this just fantasy? For Amelia, her life has been a living nightmare since the rainy day her husband Oskar drove her to
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It’s not been an easy life for John Constantine. A cynical chain-smoking working class magician and occult detective decades before Harry Dresden made it trendy, his greatest misfortune
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I Origins

“Every person living on this planet has their own unique pair of eyes,” says Ian Gray, father, husband, scientist: he is bound by what he can observe, measure,
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Mark of the Devil

“I didn’t make it as a horror film, I made it as a statement,” says writer/director Michael Armstrong in the interview accompanying Arrow’s Blu-ray release of Mark of
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