Month: November 2014

The Questor Tapes

The name of Gene Roddenberry is understandably synonymous with Star Trek, a show which endured many setbacks before it went on to become the world’s foremost television science
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Already a divisive director, Interstellar might be Christopher Nolan’s most contentious film yet, partly because of the demanding complexity of its script and its intimate yet epic scale
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The Machine

A favourite of Hollywood since the days of the HAL 9000 in 2001 A Space Odyssey and Colossus of The Forbin Project, the boundaries and blurring of lines
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The Editor

A most distinct subgenre of horror, the Italian giallo films often looked beyond the hot passions of the Mediterranean to American pulp thriller novels and Hollywood for inspiration,
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The Pact 2

In the manner of the Ourorboros, the snake which consumes itself, perhaps more than any other film genre it is horror which suffers from that most pervasive Hollywood
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ABCs of Death 2

The concept of the first volume of The ABCs of Deathwas simple: an invitation extended to filmmakers the world over to submit a short film based around an
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