Month: May 2015


When a reboot/remake/reimagining (choose your own variant of cliché) exits the Hollywood studios these days, it is a hard internal struggle to remain open-minded and judge the film
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Island of Death

“I always know right from the start if I’m going to love or hate a place.” So says Christopher (Bob Belling) to Celia (Jane Ryall), apparently his wife,
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It is the 23rd century and 95% of the population lives below the poverty line, but there is money to be made for those who dare to take
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From the Dark

In the calm rural scenery of Ireland’s County Offaly, a farmer goes about his business under the wide skies, cutting and stacking peat when he uncovers something, a
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Having been shrouded in a cloud of mystery during filming second only to J J Abrams’ forthcoming The Force Awakens, Brad Bird’s latest feature hits multiplexes this week.
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“I’ve come to the city. Please don’t come for me. There’s a curfew here.” Things have been bad since the Necroambulist virus hit; contingencies have been put in
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