Month: August 2015

Dead Letter Office

Like drones they scurry around the space, carrying out their tasks, bearing their packages, their boxes marked with various destinations, Leamington Spa, Cardiff, Fort William, the distant postal
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Quantum Magic

Kevin McMahon, scientist, inventor, bow tied magician; he may not yet have mastered the art (or science) of time travel but he is certainly a mad man with
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The Andromeda Paradox

Against a blackboard of equations, chemical reactions, waveform analyses, particle interactions and circuit diagrams, Professor Bernard Andromeda is hard at work, but his devotion to science, his “preoccupation
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As a native of Edinburgh, it is natural that the most famous creation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle will feature frequently as a subject of the productions of
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Parlour Games

The thunder rumbles and the rain rolls down the windows, and by torchlight Theodore explores the darkened chambers of the country house he shares with his siblings, pulling
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To Space

Doctor Niamh Shaw has come a long way, but she dreams of travelling farther still. Since an afternoon in the cinema in Carlow when she was eight years
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