Month: September 2015

Brave New World

“We sacrificed high art for world peace. I think it’s a fair trade.” So speaks Margaret Mond, a regional controller of Western Europe presiding over the British Isles,
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Con Man

Wray Nerely is not having a good day, perhaps not even a good decade. It’s ten years since Spectrum was cancelled, and while the show became a cult
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Almost four hundred years after his death, William Shakespeare remains the best known and most highly regarded playwright of England, if not the world, but as this world
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The Canal

“Who wants to see some ghosts?” The question is a trick one, posed by David Williams (The Man in the High Castle‘s Rupert Evans) to a lecture theatre
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The Visit

It’s over fifteen years since the name M Night Shyamalan became synonymous with the supernatural with the release of The Sixth Sense, a reputation he strengthened with Unbreakable
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Minority Report

Eleven years have passed since the PreCrime division was disbanded following the scandal uncovered by Chief John Anderton which implicated the head of the department in murder and
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Sinister 2

Where science fiction is a trip, and exploration of an idea, horror is a mood, a feeling, usually bad. Science fiction is an intellectual thrill which can stand
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