Month: January 2016


A religious horror film can be one of the most effective offerings of that diverse genre, beyond the fear for personal safety of most horror to a fundamental
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The 5th Wave

At the moment, Hollywood seems to have an insatiable desire to churn out post-apocalyptic or dystopian Young Adult franchises and the latest to join the ranks is The
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She’s nervous as she takes the cab across the big, unwelcoming city, a vagrant hollering at the window as the driver pauses under the bridge where he takes
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The X Files

“There are 10,000 sightings each year in North America alone, and so it’s been since the dawn of time – stone-age and even Biblical references, into our modern
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Last Shift

There are certain scenarios which occur time and again in horror, the same basic structures of fear which, when well done, remain effective because they are universal in
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Everybody loves a bad boy, and they don’t come worse than the devil himself, Lucifer Morningstar, bored with his position as the Lord of Hell and come to
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The Shannara Chronicles

Based on author Terry Brooks fantasy trilogy The Sword of Shannara, published between 1977 and 1985 and later vastly expanded, and developed for MTV by Smallville‘s Alfred Gough
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Childhood’s End

Expanded from his 1946 short story Guardian Angel, Arthur C Clarke‘s Childhood’s End has had a long and complicated path from its 1953 publication to the television miniseries
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