Month: February 2016

The Hexecutioners

The opening film of the main Fright Fest weekend was screened in a celebratory atmosphere, the tenth year the horror strand has featured at the Glasgow Film Festival.
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The Forest

It is over fifteen years since the first wave of J-horror broke on the shores of America, Ringu, Dark Water, Ju-On, carrying with them in their wake The
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Green Room

It doesn’t need to have big money, it doesn’t need to have big names, it just needs good ideas, honesty, enthusiasm and determination. Released in 2013, writer/director Jeremy
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The Black Tape

While there has been only limited transference to other genres such as science fiction (Europa Report, Project Almanac) and superheroics (Chronicle), within horror found footage refuses to die.
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Bone Tomahawk

A flexible film style, the western has continually reinvented itself for new generations. A setting as much as a genre, this allows other genres to be overlaid on
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Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. Published in 1975, the year Margaret Thatcher rose to leadership of the Conservative Party, High-Rise was first optioned by producer
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Kill Game

The stone angels which decorate the elegant lawns of the cemetery pray for the dead, but it brings little comfort to the former students of Grace Arbor High
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