Month: April 2016

Der Bunker

“It will take you into the world of a typical German family,” writer/director Nikias Chryssos promised the audience at the Dead by Dawn screening of his debut feature
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Introducing the screening at Dead by Dawn, festival director Adèle Hartley described Joseph Wartnerchaney’s feature debut Decay as “a very familiar setup,” but praised the writer/director’s ability to
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Between Wallander, The Killing, The Bridge and their ilk, the bleakness of the Scandinavian thriller has become a mainstay of international television over the past decade, each of
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Amicus were well known for it. In more recent years, V/H/S have done it badly, The ABCs of Death have done it with mixed results – twice! –
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Midnight Special

An eight year old boy, Alton Meyer, has been kidnapped. The police have provided details to the news stations, who broadcast with increasing urgency and fervour to be
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