Month: June 2016

Bachelor Games

Horror is a wide and diverse genre yet there remains a perception that it is very much a genre whose primary followers are men, leading to a subgenre
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Mr Right

It’s not easy meeting Mr Right. Just ask Martha. She makes the effort for her man, cooking him a special surprise dinner and he returns the favour with
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Yoga Hosers

There are some directors whose collective output is hard to categorise: Robert Wise, who moved from the classic Hollywood musicals West Side Story and The Sound of Music
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The Love Witch

“My therapist says I’m not that unusual; people have nervous breakdowns all the time, all over the world, and they do fine.” So says Elaine Parks, a vision
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It’s probably safe to say that Charlie’s pregnancy wasn’t planned; out on the town doing shots with the gang, she finishes the night throwing up in an alleyway
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The Rezort

It’s somewhat unavoidable that over recent years the zombie movie has been done to death yet won’t lie down. There have been found footage zombies (Diary of the
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