Month: September 2016

Under the Shadow

Where there is war, there is suffering. In the late eighties, Tehran lived under a shadow of fear which so permeated the fabric of society that to some
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It is December 1959, an era of fear of the Cold War between Russian and America, each fighting for political, economic and technological supremacy, but also the optimism
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The Exorcist

It’s now almost forty three years since The Exorcist was released in cinemas, one of the most successful, celebrated and controversial horror films of all times, directed by
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Paths of Glory

Stanley Kubrick’s scorching 1957 court martial drama Paths of Glory, his third bona fide feature following the cult success of Killer’s Kiss and The Killing, makes its way
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Blair Witch

In January 1896, Auguste and Louis Lumière presented their fifty second long Train Pulling into a Station, and if urban legend is to be believed the monochrome illusion
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Half Man, Half Ant, All Terror! Such is the billing for Mant!, the latest offering from King of the Killer Bs, Lawrence Woolsey as he rolls into Key
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