Month: January 2017

Raising Cain

If the Internet has proven anything it is that ideas repeat endlessly, that life imitates art, and that the opinion of the masses only proves what is popular,
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It’s a lonely job being the last man on Earth, but it is a theme which writers have returned to throughout the history of science fiction as far
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The Wailing

It is the duty of the police to investigate, calmly and rationally, to obtain evidence, to interview witnesses, to examine a situation fully and prosecute a case based
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Incarcerated for ten years, Prisoner 28 has never spoken of the reasons for his incarceration, but invited by the warden and spurred by a letter from his wife
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The career of writer/director M Night Shyamalan has been as unpredictable as his films. Coming to international attention with his third feature, 1999’s The Sixth Sense, the twist
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The Bye Bye Man

In all cinema there is much to be said for originality and atmosphere, yet in horror it is the latter which is the more important. Playing upon primal
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