Month: February 2017

A Dark Song

The contrast between them could not be more marked. Sophia Howard is a former religious education teacher for whom money is no object, short to the point of
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Hidden Figures

The last century has seen more change across the world at a greater rate than all human history before that, technological advancement driven both by war and the
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We Are the Flesh

There are films which fall neatly into categories, easily described and understood, the delight of conservative audiences who prefer to know exactly what they will get when they
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Death Race 2050

There can be no denying that whatever the merits or otherwise of the finished product, Roger Corman gets the job done, whether as director of over fifty feature
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Tower of London

The great Vincent Price had a long and colourful career, much of it in the horror genre, from 1953’s House of Wax, one of the first colour 3D
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