Month: March 2017

Free Fire

“I just want everyone to go home happy from this deal,” Justine says. Her exterior says calm, but it’s not a calm situation. Just ask Frank, who is
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The cold and distant stars have beckoned since before recorded history, and with its first components launched into low Earth orbit in 1998 for almost two decades humanity
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“If I have seen further, it is by standing on ye shoulders of giants.” So wrote Sir Isaac Newton to Robert Hooke on February 5th 1675, a statement
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Shut In

By day, Mary Portman is strong. A widow who lives with her teenage stepson, Steven, in a permanent vegetative state since the accident which claimed the life of
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Seoul Station

Animation has long been the cost-effective option for studios wishing to expand a successful franchise without the necessary expense of a live action production requiring sets, costumes, lead
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Get Out

“Do they know I’m… Do they know I’m black?” asks Chris Washington, about to travel to the country to meet the family of his girlfriend of four months,
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Introducing the world premiere of Bloodlands at the FrightFest strand of the 2017 Glasgow Film Festival, writer/director Steven Kastrissios said that there had been an expectation for the
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The year is 2032 and London is in a state of emergency, supplies running low, the homeless crammed in shelters as the world grinds to a slow and
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