Month: September 2017


There is no place for second best in the team of medical students supervised by Doctor Barry Wolfson, for those who wish to get by with the minimum
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Star Trek Discovery

The dramatic hour long television show has changed radically since Star Trek was last a regular fixture in the schedules and longer still since it was relevant, the
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Alongside David Lynch, Darren Aronofsky is one of the few modern filmmakers whose work penetrates the mainstream of cineplexes yet often remains profoundly opaque, an experience rather than
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The Orville

Perspective is important. One of the fundamental cornerstones of modern popular culture even beyond the realm of science fiction which it has dominated periodically for over half a
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Kills on Wheels

There’s no prison riot like a wheelchair prison riot, and from the opening moments writer/director Attila Till’s Kills on Wheels makes it clear that it has no intention
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While his eight volume cycle The Dark Tower is considered by many to be the greatest achievement of Stephen King, it is his 1986 novel It which is
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