Month: October 2017

Deliver Us

The words and images of the Catholic rite of exorcism are familiar from dozens of horror films, from the most famous of them all, The Exorcist itself, through
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Thor: Ragnarok

While his two appearances with the Avengers have seen the God of Thunder function seamlessly as part of that superhero team, within the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe he
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God of War

It is the year 1557 and Zhejiang, an eastern coastal province of China, is under siege by Japanese pirates, the so-called “wokou” raids led by Samurai Commander Kumasawa.
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In the near future the damage from climate change has led to disaster and destruction on an unparalleled scale, and from hurricanes ripping apart cities to heatwaves killing
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Miracle Mile

Timing is everything. The universe has existed for around fourteen billion years, the Earth for around four and a half billion of that, and life for around the
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The Vikings

Hollywood has always loved an epic and the great conflicts of history offer the spectacle necessary for grand storytelling while also allowing a perspective on the events depicted
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The Ritual

It’s very much a case of the wrong place at the wrong time for five lads out on the town, Luke, Hutch, Phil, Dom and Robert; making their
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The Party

The extensive resume of writer/producer/director may not always glitter but there are sufficient jewels set among it to make his less successful offerings forgivable, from setting Cary Grant
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Double Date

It’s a night out on the town for Jim and Alex, his best friend but also the wingman from hell incapable of anything other than an approach so
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