Month: January 2018


If a person is the sum of their memories and experiences, some are more defining than others; for modelmaker Sam Bloom it is the night he went drinking
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Something is in the air in the small Welsh village of Penmynydd, a memory which will not sleep despite a generation having passed since a toddler vanished without
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With the sounds of her crash landing mixing with voices from the past, Doctor Eva Novak of deep space research organistaion Navis awakens in an alien desert, thrown
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The Housemaid

Vietnam, a land of mystery veiled in mist, of secrets hidden in the deep forests and buried in the soft earth, in 1953 much of it was under
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In the history of science fiction the end of the world has been threatened in many ways; environmental catastrophe, asteroid impact, the rise of hostile artificial intelligence, when
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Hounds of Love

In frozen moments of time the young girls of the high school volleyball team practice in the afternoon sun, their toned and tanned legs and arms shown off
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