Month: April 2018

The Old Dark House

In the same week as the third Avengers film arrives in cinemas it is worth remembering that while the Marvel Cinematic Universe is perhaps the most successful demonstration
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Opening with a scary bedtime story as only Exorcist III‘s sinister Brad Dourif can tell it, of the long sharp teeth and nails of the Wildling, Anna’s childhood
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The Black Gloves

A girl runs through the woods, pursued by two men desperately calling her name, but though they seek to protect her she will not listen. Threatening to throw
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Accident Man

“We’re in the business of taking lives, and business is booming.” Out of a secret London club operates a group of assassins for hire, each with their own
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The Titan

It is not just organisms which evolve, it is technology, it is media, it is the way films are created, marketed and distributed, a dissolution of traditional channels
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A Quiet Place

It is eighty-nine days since the world as it was ended, since the population was hunted down and slaughtered, since civilisation broke down and government collapsed, the few
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Ghost Stories

There is nothing so British as a ghost story, an eerie tale of that which should not be but is, the misty twilight dread of the half-glimpsed image
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