Month: June 2018

The Endless

Sometimes you can leave the past behind, but sometimes it catches up with you, dragging you back despite best efforts and intentions. It’s been ten years since Justin
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There are some moments which are easily seen and understood long before they arrive: school, graduation, friendships, engagements, children, but it is the moments which nobody could predict
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No matter how prepared you are for it, no matter how expected it has been, nobody can truly know how they will react to a death, especially when
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The Quiet Earth

After many years of waiting, one of the best unsung genre films of the 1980s finally gets the release it deserves as Geoff Murphy’s modestly-budgeted but highly effective
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The Defiant Ones

Born in New York in 1913, Stanley Kramer was an American filmmaker, a producer and director who chronicled his troubled times even as he looked back to the
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Isolated on a New Zealand sheep farm beset by wind and rain, deluged with mud and surrounded by steep hills, the world of eleven-year-old Lisa Peers, known as
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