Month: November 2018

The Barn

It began on the night of the harvest hootenanny at the Old Wheary Falls Church in October 1959, the dusk services beginning with a warnings to the eager
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The Blob

It creeps and leaps and slides and glides, and this December it arrives on Blu-ray from Criterion – beware The Blob, the 1958 juvenile delinquent science fiction horror
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Berlin, 1977, a city divided, torn between west and east, the lure of the new and the enforced habits of the old, straining towards the future but in
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It begins in a thunderstorm in the hospital morgue as the creepy assistant Kenny takes photographs of the stitched up bodies for his personal collection; his boss knows
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Imagine for a moment the chance for a truly new life, the chance to completely restart and reinvent yourself, to leave your past and all your mistakes behind
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While the name of Roswell, New Mexico is well known to followers of UFOlogy and the paranormal, Aurora, Texas is far less famous yet it boasts a story
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