Month: June 2019


Young Lara Bauer is too curious by far, her mind yearning for stimulation, her soul yearning for companionship beyond the stern tutelage of her governess Miss Fontaine and
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The Wind

There are some things that can’t be changed. The emptiness of the prairie. The loneliness of a night alone. The judgement of a vengeful god. The death of
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Travelling to space is all about the numbers: velocity, altitude, mass, thrust, the thousands of variables which can lift a vast metal object from the surface of the
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Damon Gameau has a dream, but it is not an unreasonable one. He wishes his young daughter Velvet to grow into adulthood into a world better than the
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Lost in space, a bubble drifting without hope or direction, the starliner Aniara is out of control, the three week voyage from the Earth to Mars disrupted when
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