Month: July 2019

Weird Science

Already an established comedy writer who had scripted two National Lampoon films in the early eighties, it was with a very different type of comedy that John Hughes
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Developed in 1933 by Edwin Armstrong, frequency modulation broadcasting offered the possibility of better sound quality than the established amplitude modulation radio which had been in use since
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The Cockleshell Heroes

Eureka Classics continue their programme of restorations of British war movies following on from their earlier releases of 1960’s Sink the Bismarck! and 1967’s The Night of the
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They Look Like People

Wyatt and Christian have known each other since before college, but time and circumstance can sweep even the closest of friends in different directions then unexpectedly back together.
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The Chill Factor

“The nightmare came to me before dawn, sneaking into my mind, disguising itself as an ordinary dream. And that’s when the first chapter of my life, my childhood,
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The patterns of life repeat, a circle of birth and death marked by tragedy all the more terrible for their inevitability; her sister Terri suffering from severe bipolar
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