Month: September 2019

Itsy Bitsy

It’s a new start away from the city for Kara and her family, son Jesse and toddler Cambria, at least that’s how she’s sold it to them, but
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High Noon

The Western one of the most enduring and adaptable of Hollywood’s genres, from the epic plains of The Searchers to the lone gunman of A Fistful of Dollars,
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The Day Shall Come

The minimal media presence of writer/director Chris Morris is almost at odds with his large body of work which has become synonymous with modern satire, The Day Today,
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The Prey

Go back far enough, and every forest and every mountain has a story; an area of astonishing natural beauty, it was in 1948 that a fire swept through
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Ad Astra

The dream of the stars made real, the oscillating hum of the enormous space antenna fills the radio waves as it bathes in the dawn, the hope of
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The Go-Between

Sophisticated and beguiling and even more relevant than ever, appearing on Blu-ray this month in a shiny new 4K restoration as part of Studio Canal’s Vintage Classics range
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