Month: January 2020


It’s all fun and games until someone loses an iPhone, but they all believe it will happen to somebody else. It’s carefree party time and drinking games for
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The Grudge

“When someone dies in the grip of a powerful rage a curse is born;” so runs the premise of the Ju-On series, beginning in 2000 with Takashi Shimizu’s
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It should be a happy occasion, the rehearsal dinner before the wedding of Derek White and Skyler King, he the son of the former warden of the Preston
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The Turning

Leaving her teaching job for a live-in position at the formidable but remote Fairchild Estate, Kate Mandell is keen to emphasise that the role is as a private
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Little Monsters

David Anderson is not known for his good decisions, in fact, he’s barely known at all, having missed his chance at fame when his stadium rock/death metal band
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Star Trek Picard

In his mansion in his vineyard in France, the old man sleeps, dreaming of old friends and the times they would share together, playing cards far beyond the
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Every generation lives in the shadow of the monsters it has created, expressed through the media of that age; so it was that as mechanisation modernised the ancient
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Dead Air

Monster Kitten are taking to the skies, their manager having bribed the pilot of an otherwise empty flight to ferry them to the final gig of their tour
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Black Mass

The death of Carrie Reynolds has left a hole in lives of her family, her daughters Meagan and Jessica and her husband Charlie, but he is by far
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