Month: February 2020


Gemma is a teacher, good with the children in her care but happy to leave them and the classroom behind at the end of the working day; her
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Little Joe

In the climate-controlled laboratories of Planthouse Biotechnologies, something new is growing, a genetically engineered flower which, rather than the more commonly desired traits of the ability to withstand
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Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids, a truth sung long before trainee astronaut Sarah Loreau was born; too late to experience the Moon landings
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Anatomy of a Murder

There’s not enough money in the bank to even pay his secretary, but humble country lawyer Paul Biegler still has concerns about the defence of Lieutenant Frederick Manion,
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Deep beneath the Pacific Ocean, 36,000 feet down in the Mariana Trench, 316 people work the Kepler Mining Station, among them engineer Norah Price, underwater for so long
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Manon Lescaut is not an easy woman to love, but Robert Dégrieux cannot help himself, obsessed, jealous, possessive, fully aware of all her faults but blinded to them
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A blazing comet on an irregular orbit around the underground Los Angeles art scene, Dezzy Donahue is confident in her talent to the point of arrogance but unable
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On Monday 9th February, 1970, a British Latino Airlines passenger jet on final approach to El Dorado airport, San Pedro, suffered an unexplained catastrophic failure which resulted in
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