Month: March 2020


It’s another day at the office for U S Marine Ray Garrison, the same as any other, except the office is the backstreets of Mombasa, Kenya, where he
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Rio Grande

Collaborators on over a dozen projects, some of them regarded as dramas, comedies, romances and war movies, it is with the western genre that both director John Ford
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The Hunt

They apparently have nothing in common, the people who wake up in the field by the forest, gagged but unbound, in their midst a wooden crate which contains
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It’s another night at VFW post 2494, the watering hole of the aging group of men, brothers in arms whose loyalty to each other surpasses friendship, Veterans of
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Saint Maud

Maud has a calling, to help those facing terminal illness on their way, to ease their physical pain at the end and to prepare their souls for the
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It’s Hallowe’en night, October 31st 2015, and in Benton, New York, the screams are those of joy as the sky darkens, the younger children heading home with their
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