Month: June 2020

Black Rainbow

She tours the Bible Belt filling church halls, standing on stage in her white dress and speaking of serenity and an end to worldly toil, a comforting picture
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The Lady Eve

With a box holding the newly described snake affectionately known as Emma, the ophiologist and heir to the Pike Ale fortune Charles Poncefort “Hopsie” Pike boards the SS
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Mr. Vampire

“People are divided into good and bad. The dead are divided into corpses and vampires… Old Master Yam is a corpse that’s on the verge of becoming a
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Female Trouble

Larger than life and impossible to ignore, teenager Dawn Davenport was always destined to become the epitome of female trouble, smoking in the school toilets, eating in class,
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The Ascent

It began in the pre-dawn light of a field in some country in Eastern Europe, a Black Ops strike team closing in on the heavily armed encampment of
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