Month: July 2020

Toto the Hero

With his sister Alice and brother Celstin, Thomas Van Hasebroeck was the optimistic and carefree child of a loving middle-class French family, their father a commercial pilot who
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The Game

For some, a birthday is a celebration; despite his wealth and powerful position as an investment banker, for Nicholas Van Orton it is emblematic of the emptiness of
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Vagrant Queen

Once upon a time there was a scavenger known as Elida. She was good at her game but trusted none and had no friends because she could not
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Black Box

Newton demonstrated that any object will continue in a uniform motion unless acted on by an external force; tumbling out of control in an escape pod following the
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India, 1221, the funeral pyre of the beloved Princess Lafla, crown is lifted up for the mourning crowds to see, at its apex the ruby said to contain
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