Month: August 2020

Dark Place

Australia, a land of sunshine and surf, of great tracts of unspoiled land, of high living standards and affordable property, but also of poisonous snakes and spiders and
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On a strip of land by the coast, the wind blowing and the restless water churning, the tall building stands, the lights within the only promise of warmth.
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12 Hour Shift

Arkansas, 1999, and nurse Mandy is pulling double duty at the hospital with a 12 hour shift, another through-the-night saga of dialysis, dementia, drug overdoses and failed suicide
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Sky Sharks

Somewhere in the skies between Greenland and Iceland flight NHL234 from Vancouver to Frankfurt was lost with all hands, but this tragedy was no normal aviation disaster, it
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Deep Blue Sea 3

Little Happy, a former fishing village off the coast of Mozambique, now a victim of climate change and almost abandoned as rising sea levels have reduced it to
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Bicycle Thieves

The streets of Val Malaina in Rome in the post-war depression, the men queued up in hopes of finding employment; Antonio Ricci is fortunate to have been chosen
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Alien Addiction

On the upper tip of the north island of New Zealand, Waikato is a large region of unspoiled wilderness and sparse communities, home to less than half a
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Lovecraft Country

A daydream or waking nightmare travels cross-country with Atticus Freeman, of flying saucers and tripod machines with death rays, of winged, tentacled demons and exotic women who descend
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Pitch Black

To the ancient astronomers, it pleased their beliefs that the cosmos was an ordered place where the stars and planets moved on fixed and fully predictable paths, that
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