Month: September 2020

Yield to the Night

There is an old saying: act in haste, repent in leisure. For Mary Hilton, convicted of the murder of Lucy Carpenter whom she shot several times outside her
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It was called Antrum, a largely forgotten low-budget film believed to have been shot in Eastern Europe in the late seventies, a tale of two siblings spending the
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Say Your Prayers

The Ilkley Literature Festival, a chance to meet authors and publishers, to discuss new works and classics, to relax in the historic West Yorkshire town in the company
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“Becky is as strong-willed and vindictive as they come.” Perhaps not a recommendation in the traditional sense, particularly from a prospective step-parent when speaking about her fiancé’s thirteen-year-old
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Entropy increases. A fundamental tenet of the physical universe as described by the third law of thermodynamics, once an action has been taken to shift a system from
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