Month: November 2020

Hell and High Water

The summer of 1953, and the detonation of an atomic device “of foreign origin” detected in the Pacific Ocean somewhere between the northern tip of Japan and the
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The Vigil

In the front room of his New York home, holocaust survivor Rubin Litvak lies dead and shrouded, at rest but not at peace, his wife possessed of a
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It’s virtual girls’ night in as Jemma, Emma, Radina, Caroline and token boy Teddy are invited to log into host Hayley’s online Zoom meeting for a séance to
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Game of Death

Six friends on a lazy summer day, and Tyler rolling up in the work delivery van having just finished his shift at Pizza Hawt makes seven of them
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Le Cercle Rouge

Two men, strangers to each other, heading in opposite directions in life, Corey, a prisoner about to be released, Vogel in the process of being transferred across the
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King of New York

It’s release day for Frank White and a limousine awaits at the prison gates, his power undiminished and his gang still loyal and willing to kill for him,
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Burst City

A film of more adjectives than sense, Burst City (爆裂都市, Bakuretsu Toshi) is a Japanese dystopian punk rock musical of disenfranchised youth displaced by the machinations of the
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