Month: December 2020

The Bloodhound

Jean Paul Luret has a beautiful house perched atop a hill beyond a road which snakes as it rises, his abode luxurious but tasteful in its modernity and
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What happened to Renata Wiskirska that she does not remember? She remembers her husband, Jan, she remembers their son, Kamil, and that she loves them both; she remembers
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It was on his tenth birthday that the event which would define the life of Carl Merryweather took place, a family camping trip on which he alone was
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Truth or Consequences

Truth or Consequences, located at 33°8′1″N 107°15′10″W, Sierra County, New Mexico population 6,475 as of 2010, down over 800 on the previous decade and with a demographic which
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Minor Premise

The renowned Doctor Paul Kochar may be dead but his son Doctor Ethan Kochar still lives in his shadow, conducting tutorials from his basement laboratory so his work
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Cosmic Candy

The shelves of the supermarket are filled but Anna Pilarinou’s life is empty; branded as “the slowest cashier” by her manager Yannis and keeping her colleagues at a
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