Month: January 2021


There has long been concern and commentary from the guardians of society over the corrupting influence of the media, of rock music and horror films and role playing
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Judith Apple dreams in colour, but the fantasy is not satisfactory; plugged into the virtual reality of InfiniSynth, she wants more, a purpose to her life which she
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Southland Tales

There is Boxer Santaros, movie star missing in action who has forgotten he is married to the daughter of Nana Mae Frost, one of the most powerful women
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It’s an awkward summer in the suburbs of California for eleven year-old David Rockland, staying with his father Bill and his new wife Ellen; it’s not that she’s
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The Exception

The Danish Centre for Information on Genocide in Copenhagen is more than a repository of data, serving as a resource for volunteers entering war zones to help refugees,
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Inner Sanctum Mysteries

Originating as a long-running book series released by New York publisher Simon and Schuster with branded imprints for romance, drama and mystery, it was the latter genre which
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The Don is Dead

Once upon a time there were three men who had divided a city which, along with their families, they ruled between them: Don Angelo DiMorra, Don Aggimio Bernardo
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