Month: March 2021


The blows of his sledgehammer raining down on the floors of St Michael’s, the church demolition worker Malky attended as a boy, with every blow the cracks spread,
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A manor house situated in its own grounds covered in white snow, the church bells ringing in the distance; it is Christmas Eve, and friends are gathered to
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Russian Raid

A security job under the blue skies of the tropics ensuring an arms deal goes smoothly for an anonymous contractor known as the Ghost offers little challenge for
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The Night

They just wanted somewhere to spend the night, Babak and Neda Naderi, he overtired, in pain from toothache and probably over the limit following a late evening at
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Sometimes life is a struggle and it’s difficult to see the wood for the trees, with nowhere to turn to for support and a demon on your tail.
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Admonished to stay out of trouble on their way home for the summer from their studies at Kiev Seminary, theologian Khaliava, orator Gorobetz and youthful philosopher Brutus find
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Amber’s Descent

Seattle finally couldn’t hold her; survivor of a possessive relationship in which her boyfriend felt he could not compete with her success which left her hospitalised, Amber waves
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It’s Libby McLean’s first day on the job at Canadian Cotton Clothiers, about to launch their new collection and ready for the overnight turnaround before doors open at
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