Month: April 2021

The Resort

In her hospital bed Alexandra Sanders wakes from fright, her dream holiday turned nightmare, trying to piece together memories of what happened to the satisfaction of Detective Peterson
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There are a thousand ways to die in space, some of them instantaneous, the result of a catastrophic failure in a propulsion system causing fuel to explode or
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It’s the call from his mother which sets Leo on a resentful road trip to collect his former drug addict sister Virginia from wherever she has got herself
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Into the Labyrinth

Her doctor tells her that her disorientation is understandable, waking up in hospital, her broken leg in a plaster cast. Her name is Samantha Andretti, though it may
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Clapboard Jungle

It has never been so easy to make or distribute film, with digital technology, home software and the global village allowing collaborators to connect and create works that
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Giants and Toys

A country largely closed to outsiders for most of its history, its society built upon codes of behaviour and deference, who can say what complex circumstances and fears
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The Oak Room

A man walks into a bar after hours and asks for service regardless; cleaning up for the night, the bartender, Paul, is understandably none too pleased to see
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