Month: May 2021

Godzilla vs Kong

Something is amiss on Skull Island, discovered to the southeast of Hawaii in the seventies nestled within a perpetual storm, home to the astonishing beast known as Kong
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Time and Tide

His career having begun with The Butterfly Murders of 1979, by the release of 2000’s Time and Tide (順流逆流) Tsui Hark had directed almost thirty films in just
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Over the Edge

Promoted as “Tomorrow’s city… today,” the planned community of New Granada sold itself to investors and homeowners on an ideal of harmony and perfection in the sunshine which
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The Hands of Orlac

The celebrated concert pianist Paul Orlac is returning home after the final night of his tour to his beloved wife Yvonne and their sinister apartment of shadows and
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Zebra Girl

Marriage is a commitment and a challenge and neither Dan nor Catherine were sure what they were looking for when they first met for dinner five years ago,
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The road is long from Austin, Texas to the sunshine state of California, a new start for history teacher Andy in the big city of Los Angeles, the
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Great White

The ocean is wide and full of memories; for Michelle Minase it is what made her persuade her reluctant husband Joji to travel with her on a pilgrimage
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