Month: June 2021

In the Earth

At the edge of the forest stands Gantalow Lodge, all wood, antlers and hazard tape, last outpost beyond which entry is prohibited to the public during the epidemic
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Tyger Tyger

Luke picked the wrong day to collect his prescription, lucky shirt notwithstanding, caught up in an armed robbery with good intentions and bad execution, Blake intending to seize
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Bad Hair

There’s a new broom sweeping clean at music video channel Culture, the suits downstairs having sent Grant Madison to break the news that executive vice president in charge
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There are laws and there are rules; those who break the law will be pursued and arrested by the police, but the unwritten rules operate in a wider
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It is in her nature to resist, to defy what is expected of her, first in allowing herself to be seduced by an employee of her father, then
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West 11

Notting Hill, London West 11; summer is gone and the brightness and optimism of the swinging sixties is a dawn yet to break over the city, Joe Beckett
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