Month: July 2021

Book of Monsters

When she was eight years old it was Sophie’s favourite bedtime reading despite her mother’s warnings that it would give her nightmares, the Book of Monsters, hand-written and
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Dusty metal on red sand, the sun rising pale above the cliff face, Mars is not a place to raise a family even under the best of circumstances,
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Bringing Up Baby

At the Stuyvesant Museum of Natural History, palaeontologist Doctor David Huxley is deep in thought about where to put his bone; it’s the day before his wedding to
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Heavy Trip

Living in a small town of small minds in rural Finland where he works as a janitor at the mental hospital, Turo Moilanen is a metalhead, his band
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Werewolves Within

His first day on a new posting in remote Beaverfield in snowy Vermont, forest ranger Finn Wheeler has already met the colourful locals, “a bunch of freaks” as
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The Forever Purge

Any social order requires the compliance of the masses in order to exist; so long as infractions of the law are limited, resources exist to control those elements
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Wild Search

While it has become common for American cinema to remake Asian properties, particularly in the horror and action thriller genres, in fact any foreign language cinema where it
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A historic six bedroom, four and a half bathroom, multi-level with hardwood floors and custom woodwork, the house is for sale by the owner, medical student Megan Donovan
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