Month: August 2021

The Djinn

The summer of 1989 brings a new home for twelve-year old Dylan Jacobs, a new start for him and his father Michael in Burbank, California following the death
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Early Universal vol. 1

Their recent Blu-ray packages having taken a thematic approach, grouping films by actor (Karloff at Columbia), subject (the eco-horror double bill of Nightwing and Shadow of the Hawk
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Absolute Denial

The human brain the most complex organ of the human body, the pinnacle of the random trials and many errors of evolution capable of rational deductions and complex
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Homeless and sleeping on the beach, oblivious to the tide rolling in and lapping at his feet, Manu is offered what should be easy money; all he is
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Mad God

Through dark clouds it descends, a diving bell with a single passenger, lowered from unseen levels above and fired upon by heavy artillery in barbed wire emplacements, dropping
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Martyrs Lane

The vicarage off Martyrs Lane is a house of welcome, of refuge for lost children, so why does Leah feel she does not belong? Her father Thomas adores
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The Night House

They built a life together, they built a home together, quite literally, her husband Owen an architect who designed the house by the lake, its rooms and spaces,
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In the forests of Oregon, a man and his pig live in harmony, hunting truffles, eating together, staying together in a rustic shack with no electricity or running
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