Month: September 2021

Mr. Klein

The city of Paris, January 1942, in the third year of the war and under the occupation of the German forces, Monsieur Robert Klein cannot help but be
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Duel to the Death

Honour will be satisfied and crowds will be entertained as the eve of the challenge approaches, a duel to the death between the greatest swordsmen of China and
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The Servant

London, the cusp of what was to be the bitterly cold winter of 1962 to 1963, and Hugo Barrett arrives at the Knightsbridge address of his potential employer,
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Johnny Guitar

The saloon which bears her name built into the rock on the side of a mesa in the mountains of Arizona, Vienna is a woman of ambition and
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Death Screams

It’s a small town where everybody knows everybody, their families and their business, perhaps a little too well. Jackson runs the bar, Arch runs the store, Avery is
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The ParaPod

Initiated in September 2015 with a visit to a supposedly haunted house in Pontefract, The ParaPod ran to thirty episodes plus special editions over three seasons as “sceptic”
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