Month: October 2021


Cispus Falls, Oregon, a town Julia Meadows fled as soon as she was old enough, returning only now following the death of her father. Staying with her brother,
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Miracle Valley

It’s off the grid and off the map, a road trip to a place without an address, only a set of coordinates; Sarah is suspicious but David’s focus
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Bad Ben: Benign

It’s a bad day for paranormal investigator Tom Riley, staggering through the woods to his home where the locked door forces him to climb through the window in
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A loneliness akin to the grave in which he has just buried his wife, a wooden box of broken memories and hopes cruelly denied, Eric Black has fled
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In the Yemen, the dust blows up in strange patterns, frightening the camels; in Oklahoma, the crows hover over the field, tracing the formation of a crop circle
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Dune – Part One

Published as a novel in 1965 after previously being serialised in Analog, Frank Herbert’s Dune is regarded as a masterpiece and landmark of science fiction in terms of
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Father of Flies

She dropped into their lives without warning, unasked for, uninvited, and unwanted as far as Donna and Michael are concerned, but they have no say in the matter,
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