Month: November 2021

La Llorona

The men smoking and drinking spirits, they counsel each other to wear dark suits, not black, and hold their heads high during the trial of General Enrique Monteverde,
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The Last Matinee

Montevideo, 1993, rain outside and the smell of popcorn inside, he lays his money on the marble counter at the Cine Opera, picking up his tickets with his
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Full Alert

It was clumsy, it was rushed, and it had consequences for disgraced former engineer and demolition expert Mak Kwan, the killing of the architect which he later claimed
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The Great Silence

Utah, the Great Blizzard of the winter of 1898 to 1989, the Rocky Mountains turned white save for where blood is splashed upon the snow, the great silence
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Puppet Killer

Jamie may not have had a conventional childhood but he had a loving one, his mother whom he adored having started the Christmas tradition of watching horror films,
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Early Universal vol. 2

Their second dip into the archives of Universal sees Eureka hunting deep for pearls with Stuart Paton’s 1916 adaptation of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, produced under the
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